Tuesday, February 22, 2005

BEA, Sybase join open-source consortium | CNET News.com

BEA, Sybase join open-source consortium | CNET News.com: "Back-end software makers BEA Systems and Sybase have joined the Eclipse open-source foundation, lending two more established companies to the organization.
Both BEA and Sybase have joined as 'strategic developers' and will have seats on the board of Eclipse.
BEA said that the next version of its Java development tool, called WebLogic Workshop, will be based on the Eclipse software, which means that Eclipse-compatible tools will work with Workshop. BEA will also take the lead in the Eclipse Web tools platform project, a first version of which will ship this summer.
Sybase, meanwhile, has been a member of Eclipse since 2002 but is stepping up its commitment and will become a board member. Sybase is also proposing a project called Data Tools Project for database management tools, where it will be the lead developer."

Tangentially, Sun lays off more software developers; maybe Sun should get on board with Eclipse as well, and stop trying to establish an alternative with Netbeans/Java Studio.
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