Wednesday, February 23, 2005

OneNote Shared Sessions

OneNote Shared Sessions: "In my opinion, one of the cooler features of OneNote 2003 is 'Shared Sessions' (this requires you to have Sp1 installed, as I know most of you have done already.)
A shared session is a peer-to-peer shared note-taking experience. 'peer-to-peer' means you don't need some fancy server or web site. You just have to have a network where your machine can connect to other machines running OneNote.
You can set up a shared session with as many other people as you want - we have tried over 70 in our testing, but most people do it with 10 or less. It works best on an intranet, but you can also run a shared session over the internet or through firewalls, provided your firewall allows such connections.
Ever had the experience of attending a meeting and then finding out later that all the things you discussed and decided were remembered differently by the other people in the room? Another great effect of shared notes is that you have a live record of the meeting that you can verify is accurate and even edit yourself before the meeting ends. That way things are very clear about what was decided, and you don't have to get some "minutes-taker" to understand a clarification you want to make to the notes - just edit it yourself. At the end of the meeting it is easy for everyone to review the written record of decisions made, so there is no confusion."

See the full post for more on how Microsoft uses the feature.

Very glad to see Chris Pratley blogging again.
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