Friday, February 25, 2005

Mobile TV Goes Nowhere Fast

Mobile TV Goes Nowhere Fast: "The Good Nice sound quality, a wide variety of news, sports highlights, and weather reports
The Bad Heavy and clumsy, and video downloads take too long
The Bottom Line Design flaws everywhere. If you want V Cast, try Verizon's other options
Mobile TV is finally here -- sort of. Starting on Feb. 1, Verizon Wireless began rolling out its new V Cast service, which lets users stream 1-minute video clips from several TV channels, download music videos and movie trailers, and play new '3D' video games, which Verizon says is on par with the graphics of a PlayStation One. V Cast costs an additional $15 a month, on top of whatever you're already paying for wireless service.
It's fun to pick and choose specific sport or news highlights to watch, but most of the appeal is in the novelty. Verizon will need to speed up the slow load times, get even more TV content, and make some decent shows for cell phones before it's really worth paying for. What's certain: No matter how good V Cast gets, the UTStarcom/Audiovox CDM 8940 will not be the phone to watch it on."
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