Thursday, February 24, 2005

Beaming Into Your PC from Anywhere

Beaming Into Your PC from Anywhere: "Unless you do all your computer work on a laptop that is always at hand, you have probably found yourself in desperate need of information stored on a PC somewhere that you weren't. Two new services, GoToMyPC and LogMeIn, promise simple and secure access to your computer from just about anywhere -- provided, of course, that you leave it on, and online.
GoToMyPC is the more powerful of the two programs. It offers more flexibility in matching screen resolutions, especially if the PC you're working on has a smaller display than the remote one. And its more accurate rendering of the screen enhances the feeling that you are actually working at the remote computer.
But free is a good price, and LogMeIn is more than adequate for a lot of users. It also lets you set up multiple computers on a single account, so you can run your home PC from work and your work machine from home. When you need something badly and it's on a computer far away, either of these services can be a lifesaver."
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