Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sleek Mac Mini Plays Well with Others

Sleek Mac Mini Plays Well with Others: "In summary: The mini addresses two major issues I've been struggling with for some time. One is that many people who would benefit from having a Mac never get the chance because they are so firmly wedded to Windows. The other is that most of us buy a lot more computing and software performance than we actually use or need.
With its minimalist approach, ability to live right alongside a Windows PC, and low price, the mini is finally a Mac that the non-Apple world could easily embrace. I have friends who've already decided to buy a mini instead of a planned upgrade of their Windows machine, and I bet there will be many more like them.
If you've always wondered about the allure of Macintosh computing, the mini is an inexpensive way to find out. And it's a very nice piece of hardware?regardless of what OS it runs. "
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