Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Security Software Shootout

Security Software Shootout: "A few hours later, Thompson, a man who runs a company that has earned a great deal of money making Microsoft's software more secure, took the same stage at the sprawling Moscone Convention Center. It took him all of five minutes to take his first swipe at his famous counterpart from Redmond.
'I could try to be like Bill and show you product demos or talk about our product road map, but I thought our time together would be better spent if we took a more strategic view of what we do,' Thompson said.
The software industry could very well be seeing the first stages of its next clash of the titans. On one side is Microsoft, the industry giant with two monopolies, a reputation for creating software that hackers love, and a plan for a broad set of security software to both improve its reputation and better protect its customers. "
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