Monday, February 07, 2005

Sun floats open-source database idea | CNET

Sun floats open-source database idea | CNET "Sun Microsystems has raised the possibility that it might offer customers its own database, a move that could trigger displeasure at Oracle but curry favor with open-source advocates.
Chief Executive Scott McNealy offered the provocative idea Wednesday at a meeting of influential financial analysts at Sun's headquarters here. During a speech, he showed a slide that placed the words 'Sun DB' next to a list of existing database products.
McNealy offered no details besides 'stay tuned,' but Sun President Jonathan Schwartz indicated in an interview that database software is one possible way Sun plans to extend into new open-source software realms. "

I can't imagine how this is going to play out as a net gain for Sun or its customers, but I can think of many scenarios in which Sun could alienate key partners and open source advocates by trying to be a bit too clever with its DBMS plans...
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