Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Novell Unveils 'Hula' Open-Source Collaboration Project

Novell Unveils 'Hula' Open-Source Collaboration Project: "Novell Inc. is forming a new open-source community project to create a collaboration server called Hula, CEO Jack Messman said during his keynote speech at LinuxWorld here on Tuesday.
Hula will be a groupware calendar and mail server. The new program is licensed under both the GNU Lesser GPL (General Public License) and the MPL (Mozilla Public License).
The Hula server will be built on open Internet standards such as SMTP, IMAP, iCalendar and the emerging CalDAV calendar access protocol. It will also include an extensible architecture enabling it to be integrated with other projects such as Open-Xchange and the Mozilla Foundation's e-mail client Thunderbird and scheduling program, Sunbird. "
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