Wednesday, January 12, 2005

[print version] How the Mac was born, and other tales | CNET

[print version] How the Mac was born, and other tales | CNET "What's next for you?
If the book does really well, I'd like to do a sequel-prequel type thing of all the early Apple stories, mainly starring Steve Wozniak. I have a great set of stories that have never been written up in that time frame.
Give us an example of a Steve Wozniak story.
[Andy Hertzfeld] Here's a really quick one that follows off a story that is in the book, about Steve Jobs parking in the handicapped spaces--he always parked in the handicapped spaces. One day in October 1983 I got a phone call at my desk at Apple from the Cupertino police saying something like, 'You reported that car parked in the handicapped space. Well, we can't really tow it away because the handicapped space is not properly marked.' I said, 'What?'
Well, it turned out that Woz called up the Cupertino police reporting Steve Jobs' car illegally parked in a handicapped space and told them the person reporting it was Andy Hertzfeld and gave them my phone number. So that was a prank on both me and Steve Jobs; it just didn't quite come off, thank God. I could have just imagined Steve having to go check out his car and finding out that Andy Hertzfeld had reported it."
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