Thursday, January 13, 2005

Apple: iPod domination - or just another fad? | The Register

Apple: iPod domination - or just another fad? | The Register: "The upshot: people will keep buying iPods until they see a reason not to, and Apple has discovered a knack for giving them just what they want - four new models (iPod mini, iPod Photo, 'U2 iPod' and iPod shuffle) in 12 months. A former Apple staffer told me of being in a meeting with Steve Jobs's deputy: 'He said that 'if you've lost the battle, one way to win is to move to a new battlefield''. Apple's certainly discovered the right battlefield. On the music side it's starting to look a lot like a rout. But this war too is far from over. The Mac mini may have been the shot heard around the computer world. But does anyone remember who fired the first shots across the trenches in the First World War?"
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