Wednesday, January 19, 2005 / Business / Technology / Verizon to roll out super-fast Net access / Business / Technology / Verizon to roll out super-fast Net access "Verizon Communications Inc. yesterday identified 19 Boston suburbs -- including Natick, Newton, and Woburn -- where it will offer super-fast Internet access over a new fiber-optic network this year.
Verizon is preparing to offer Internet access at speeds of up to 30 megabits per second, six to 10 times faster than what's possible with conventional cable modems. Both Comcast and RCN are responding this month with free upgrades for current and new customers. Comcast's current 3-megabit service will increase to 4 megabits, and RCN will crank up its 7-megabit service to 10. Subscription prices will not increase.
Verizon plans three FiOS broadband Internet services, all of which offer much faster ''upstream" Internet connections (to send data) than Comcast's or RCN's. That could appeal to people who regularly transmit large video and graphics files or compete in multiplayer online computer games:
5 megabits downstream (to receive data) and 2 upstream, for $35 a month bundled with phone service, $40 a month stand-alone.
15 megabits down and 2 up; $45 bundled with phone and $50 stand-alone.
30 megabits down and 5 up; $200 a month."
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