Monday, January 24, 2005

Win a piece of Notes history from Ray Ozzie and Groove Networks [at Lotusphere]

Win a piece of Notes history from Ray Ozzie and Groove Networks [at Lotusphere] "Ray Ozzie will be joining us again tomorrow morning in Northern Hemisphere A-C as he participates on our Innovators Panel moderated by industry luminary Esther Dyson. Other panelists include Mike Rhodin, Irene Grief,and Conrad Cross, CIO, City of Orlando, and Mike Dituro of Deutsche Bank.
You want to make an effort to visit Groove Networks at Pedestal #831 where you can have your badge swiped to become eligible to win one of two framed, signed copies of Lotus Notes anniversary memorabilia. Each framed item includes the signature page of the original Iris/Lotus contract that Ray Ozzie and then Lotus CEO Mitch Kapor signed on Dec. 7, 1984, the original description of Notes within that contract, as well as original floppy disks from Lotus Notes 1.0, which shipped on Dec. 7, 1989. Both items are personally signed by Iris Associates founders Tim Halvorsen, Len Kawell and Ray Ozzie!
Don't miss out on the opportunity to be one of two lucky Lotusphere attendees to win a piece of Notes history!
Again, to be eligible you must visit Groove Networks Pedestal #831 in the Lotusphere Product Showcase, and have your badge swiped by a Groove Networks representative. We will announce the winners of this Notes memorabilia on Thursday morning."

Very cool that Ray is at Lotusphere. (Note: I think you'll need a Lotusphere id/pw to access the page; I've grabbed full text, but the page also has a picture of of the signed Notes v1 set.)
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