Friday, January 28, 2005 - CEO helps Microsoft enter its 30s gracefully - CEO helps Microsoft enter its 30s gracefully: "PC sales don't provide enough growth anymore, so Microsoft has to have its software in other devices that have growing sales. That's why it keeps expanding from PCs.
Next, all Microsoft platforms must embrace three capabilities: security (from viruses, identity theft, etc.), communications (helping devices connect to networks) and search and information management (which applies to everything from searching the Web to finding what you want to watch out of 500 TV channels). Microsoft has struggled with security and is behind competitors in search.
Finally, Microsoft products have to integrate with each other. In Microsoft's eyes, that's a benefit to users. The integration makes it easy to move among software programs and devices. In the eyes of many competitors and some government agencies, that can be a way for Microsoft to shut out competition."
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