Thursday, January 13, 2005

At the heart of the open-source revolution | Newsmakers | CNET

At the heart of the open-source revolution | Newsmakers | CNET "In terms of the e-mail and the calendar components, Chandler sounds a lot like what Mozilla is already doing with Thunderbird and Sunbird. Aren't your open-source foundations stepping on each other's toes?
[Mitch Kapor:] It's absolutely in the same category as Thunderbird. Sunbird is an existing community calendar, which is basic and not complete or robust. They're using that as a base, adding a lot of things to it and integrating that with Thunderbird.
The aspiration level of Sunbird, by everyone's account, is significantly more modest and different than what we're trying to do in Chandler. We're trying to provide a well-engineered, well-designed but vanilla IMAP client and some vanilla calendaring. But when I was talking about overcoming information silos and better integration between the different kinds of data that a PIN [sic] manages--that's a Chandler aspiration. In Outlook, your data is in separate silos when often you'd like to see things much better connected."
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