Wednesday, January 12, 2005

CRN | Breaking News | Microsoft Plans Information Bridge Update

CRN | Breaking News | Microsoft Plans Information Bridge Update: "Microsoft is working on an update to its Information Bridge Framework (IBF) for this spring, a spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday.
What had been referred to as IBF 1.5 by partner sources, will actually be a service pack for the integration software. The code, to be delivered via MSDN, will now be hosted on InfoPath and Internet Explorer. The first IBF iteration was hosted on Word 2003, Excel 2003, and Outlook 2003.
The goal of the software is to provide a seamless flow of information back and forth between various Microsoft Office client applications and legacy data of all types on the back end.
To spur deployment of the latest Office 2003 applications, Microsoft is working both on new server-based components, including an InfoPath server, as well as better interopability with legacy data. Oracle's recent buyout of PeopleSoft means Microsoft is under more pressure to forge such ties with information in non-Microsoft systems. New Office servers, accessible from Word or Excel would, in theory, drive more deployments of the latest applications and offer enterprises more reason to upgrade their office applications, Microsoft insiders have said."

FYI my take on IBF
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