Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mac mini Won't Drive Big Enterprise Sales

Mac mini Won't Drive Big Enterprise Sales "# he Mac mini isn’t going to propel Apple into the enterprise in any big way. Nothing is going to do this. But, the mini does make it almost brainless and quite inexpensive for PC users to add a Mac to their desktop or family room.
# Don’t be fooled by the seemingly low price. The mini I want, with the larger hard drive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and 512 MB RAM, costs $803 from Apple’s online store. If you have to purchase a keyboard, mouse, and screen for your new mini, well, the cost can rapidly add up.
# Users who have been looking for an “-ix” desktop should consider the mini as a cost-effective alternative to Linux box. Of course, the main reason people buy desktop Linux is some combination of being a glutton for punishment, a gearhead, and really cheap."

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