Monday, December 20, 2004 - Real Time: The Second Coming of Apple - Real Time: The Second Coming of Apple: "Apple Computer has been reborn -- and now it's on the verge of a renaissance.
Yes, we know Apple's share of the PC market remains little more than a rounding error: According to market-research company International Data Corp., its share of PC shipments hovers around 2% in both the home and commercial sectors, with more than half the commercial numbers coming from educational sales. But we see a confluence of events that we think will substantially change some of those numbers, ushering in an Apple tidal wave that will remake the home PC landscape.
Still, iPods and wireless networking are on the periphery of digital entertainment, whose center remains the Windows-dominated PC. Apple's operating system and machines are generally hailed as superior to their Windows counterparts, but much as it'll pain the Appletistas to hear it (again), that superiority isn't enough to cause enough people to switch camps. For things to truly change, there has to be a fundamental and widely perceived problem with Windows, one that goes beyond geekspeak about operating systems.
Guess what? There is such a problem. In fact, it's the biggest issue in tech today: the drumbeat of viruses, spyware and other maladies that plague Windows and are practically nonexistent in the Apple world. It's true that this perceived immunity is partially a reflection of Apple's small market share, but that won't matter to consumers tired of computing anxiety and pain."

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