Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The New York Times > Books > A Library and Cinema in Your Pocket

The New York Times > Books > A Library and Cinema in Your Pocket: "One day before too long, when your mobile telephone sounds, it could be a novel calling to recount how the headstrong heroine dumped the handsome heartbreaker. Or it might be a guidebook surfacing at a critical moment in a crowded bar to provide you with pickup lines in Spanish, French or German.
The increasing power of cellphones is fast shaping innovative forms of compact culture: micro-lit, phone soap operas and made-for-mobile dramas that can be absorbed in less time than it takes to flick through a book introduction.
Almost two-thirds of the 62 million cellphones shipped in Europe in the last quarter were camera phones with color screens, according to Canalys, a technology consulting and research firm based in London. Only 3 percent of phones sold in Europe last year were smart phones, but Canalys expects that number to pick up substantially next quarter."

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