Thursday, December 30, 2004

The New York Times > Technology > Coming in '05: AT&T Mobile (Via Sprint)

The New York Times > Technology > Coming in '05: AT&T Mobile (Via Sprint): "AT&T plans to start marketing Sprint's cellphone service as its own in the first half of 2005, after it wins back the rights to use the AT&T Wireless brand from Cingular Wireless, which acquired AT&T Wireless in October. Some of the particulars of how it will handle billing and operations for the new mobile service will be spelled out next week, the executives said. AT&T is not expected to announce pricing for its plans yet."

I still don't understand this -- certainly the long-suffering AT&T Wireless customers who are now Cingular customers aren't going to be eager to sign up for an AT&T Wireless-branded version of Sprint. Meanwhile, according to yesterday's WSJ:

"Time Warner Cable and Sprint are nearing a deal to let Time Warner offer cellphone service on a trial basis, The Wall Street Journal reported. Such an alliance would make Time Warner the only major cable company to offer cellular service, and the partners would be able to offer all major telecom services: television, high-speed Internet access, and wired and wireless phone service."

And there's the pending Sprint/Nextel merger to consider...

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