Tuesday, December 07, 2004

IT Conversations: The Gillmor Gang with Ray Ozzie and Peter O'Kelly

IT Conversations: The Gillmor Gang with Ray Ozzie and Peter O'Kelly: "Happy Birthday Lotus Notes! You're twenty years old today. Well, 20 years from announcement and 15 from the launch of Release 1. In any case, Lotus Notes has left a permanent mark on the history of collaboration software. On this special occasion, The Gang is joined by Notes creator Ray Ozzie (who went on to found Groove Networks in October 1997) and a member of the early Notes team, Peter O'Kelly, now an analyst with Burton Group.
Lotus Notes was arguably the first groupware product, and Ray explains why the company had such a difficult time explaining what it was. That tide turned when Notes was adopted by VARs who created the vertical applications that have made the product so successful. To this day Notes is respected for its rapid-application development (RAD) architecture and its ability to just deploy the prototype.
The discussion goes well beyond Lotus Notes, as Ray and Peter give their big-picture perspectives on collaboration, client/server architectures, and the bifurcation of technology adoption: the difference between deployment within and outside the enterprise."

A fun trip down memory lane...

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