Saturday, December 11, 2004

New file system has long road to Windows | CNET

New file system has long road to Windows | CNET "Microsoft's long-awaited new Windows file system is still a work in progress.
Although Microsoft hopes to ship a test version of WinFS in late 2006, it could be several more years before the revamped storage mechanism finds its way into Windows Server.
The software maker has already decided that WinFS will ship separately from Longhorn, the new desktop version of Windows that is due in 2006. On Friday, Windows Server Chief Bob Muglia said that WinFS will also not be a part of the server version of Longhorn that ships in 2007.
'WinFS in not in the Longhorn client,' he said in an interview. 'It is also not in Longhorn Server.'
It is not even clear if Microsoft will include it with the Longhorn update that is scheduled to follow a couple of years later.
"We've been working on this for a long time, and this team is going to deliver," he said. "Our mistake, frankly--and it was a mistake--was to go out and talk about it before we really had clarity as to how we would be able to deliver it and all the complexities there."
He stressed that Microsoft is trying to do things with WinFS that no one has ever done before.
"This isn't a relational database," he said. "This is a brand-new data model, and it satisfies a whole class of applications that frankly have been unsatisfied from a data model perspective since the beginning of history. We've been working on things like this for a long time." "

I suspect we'll be seeing a "clarification" on this subject soon... Bob Muglia might also want to check out the Notes Storage Facility (NSF) engine sometime, in terms of relevant advances "... since the beginning of history."

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