Friday, December 31, 2004

BW Online: What Will Drive 2005

BW Online: What Will Drive 2005: Excerpts:
"11. Apple (AAPL ) will come out with an iPod cell phone.
12. President Bush will be photographed carrying an iPod.
13. Flat-panel TVs will start to become affordable to most Americans. Prices will drop under $800 on some big-screen models.
14. Media-center PCs will become the rage, as computer companies and Intel (INTC ) push into digital video on demand. Watch out TiVo (TIVO )."

11. I suspect it'll be an Apple partner, not Apple, that introduces an iPod cell phone. I also suspect 2005 will be the year iPod is eclipsed by other non-PC device alternatives.
12. Already happened -- I recently saw a picture (in Time or Newsweek) of W riding a Trek with a big Yahoo! bike helmet sticker and iPod earpieces.
13. Makes sense to me, if even ~$500 PCs now come with 17" CRT monitors (see, e.g., this post).
14. No doubt it will also be the year when Steve Jobs decides PCs and TVs do have some synergy after all, despite dismissing the possibility for years.

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