Saturday, December 11, 2004

JBoss aims high with Enterprise Middleware System - Computerworld

JBoss aims high with Enterprise Middleware System - Computerworld: "Open-source vendor JBoss Inc. on Monday plans to formally announce a stack of middleware software designed to make it more competitive with the sophisticated products sold by companies like IBM, BEA Systems Inc. and Oracle Corp.
The JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS) includes a number of open-source projects the company plans to integrate into a single software offering. JEMS, which can already be found on the Web site, includes the JBoss application server, development environment, portal software and business process management engine. It also includes the Apache Software Foundation's Tomcat servlet engine."

JBoss is a fascinating company -- it's the disruptor in the J2EE space, and I expect its influence will expand far beyond J2EE over the next few years.

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