Thursday, December 30, 2004

Apple preps sub-$500 iMac - report | The Register

Apple preps sub-$500 iMac - report | The Register: "Apple is said to be preparing a return to the 'pizza box' casings last seen in its classic LC and Performa Macs in the mid-1990s, but at this stage it's not entirely clear who the machine will be aimed at.
According to Think Secret's scoop, which cites 'highly reliable sources', Apple will use Macworld Expo to launch the box, based on a 1.25GHz G4-class processor. The unit will retail for $499, the site claims."

Hey, maybe Dvorak was prescient... Check out the Dell Dimension 3000 for a PC comparison; at the moment, it's $499 with 2.4 GHz Celeron, Windows XP Home, 256 meg RAM, 40 gig hard disk, 17" CRT monitor, CD and CD-RW drives.

2004/12/31 correction: oops, the $499 Dell comes with a CRT, not a flat-panel monitor; sorry about that... It's currently $143 to upgrade to a 15" flat panel, $215 for 17"

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