Wednesday, December 29, 2004 - The Mossberg Solution: A Primer on Fighting Spyware - The Mossberg Solution: A Primer on Fighting Spyware: "The absolute best way to avoid spyware is to stop using Windows, and switch to an Apple Macintosh, which gets little or no spyware and adware. Almost all spyware is written to run on Windows, and it won't work on a Mac.
It's possible to write spyware for a Mac, but it's much harder, because any time a program that might affect system files tries to install itself on a Mac, the operating system requires you to enter a user ID and password. That means it's very hard to install anything surreptitiously or deceptively. Also, spyware authors gain little from invading Macs, because of Apple's tiny market share. (These are also the reasons there haven't been any recorded successful viruses on the current Mac operating system.)"

This conventional wisdom is getting very tiring...

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