Thursday, December 09, 2004

InfoWorld: Oracle again delays Collaboration Suite update

InfoWorld: Oracle again delays Collaboration Suite update: "Oracle has postponed delivery of a major update to its Collaboration Suite until mid-2005. The update will add instant messaging and voice-over-IP capabilities, and offer content management features, the company said Wednesday.
"We delayed it a little so we can have a robust content management offering as part of Collaboration Suite 10g," said Rob Koplowitz, a senior director of product marketing at Oracle. "What overwhelmed us was this immense demand for content management functionality."
In Collaboration Suite 10g, Oracle also offers a new Web-based client, improved support for wireless devices and the ability to integrate collaboration into an enterprise portal, among other enhancements, the company said.
Oracle launched its offensive against Microsoft and IBM in September 2002 with the first release of Collaboration Suite. The product was updated in June 2003 to include Web conferencing.
Oracle said last year that it sold Collaboration Suite to 500 customers in the 12-month period until May 31, 2003. In the six months after that it added another 250 customers for a total of 750 as of Nov. 30, 2003. The Redwood Shores, California-based vendor on Wednesday said it now has almost 2,300 Collaboration Suite customers."

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