Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Washington Post Buys Microsoft's Webzine (

Washington Post Buys Microsoft's Webzine ( "Asked for reaction, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said by e-mail: 'Mostly I'm really proud of Slate's pioneering role in online journalism, and confident it will continue to lead the way. As one of the early -- albeit minor -- participants in Slate's diary section, I'll always feel incredibly close to it -- and will definitely remain an avid fan and reader.' He added: 'Graduating to media ownership seemed the obvious next step for Slate, and I'm confident it will thrive wonderfully under The Post.'
The Post reported in July that Microsoft was looking for a buyer and that the leading contenders were The Post Co. and the New York Times Co. The Times did pursue a possible deal, according to people familiar with the matter. The Post's Web site already has an alliance with, which is partly owned by Microsoft, and former Microsoft executive Melinda Gates, the wife of the company's founder, was named to the Post Co. board in September."

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