Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Windows & .NET Magazine UPDATE: "WinFS is effectively dead"

Windows & .NET Magazine UPDATE: "WinFS is effectively dead" "Now, Microsoft has nixed even that reduced expectation. The company revealed Friday that WinFS wouldn't ship in Longhorn Server either and will likely not appear until 2011 (yes, you read that date right) when the Blackcomb version of Windows Server ships. That means that WinFS
is effectively dead, and the storage status quo will continue for
several more years, with NTFS providing basic file-system needs until Longhorn Server ships--adding transactional capabilities to the file system and registry. Users seeking to gain the benefits of Longhorn's once-touted file-search capabilities should look into the free MSN Toolbar Suite, which Microsoft released in beta form yesterday...; it's surprisingly full-featured and delivers many of the promises of Longhorn search."

I'm not seeing the latest issue of the email newsletter on the Windows IT Pro site yet -- the paragraph above is from the latest email newsletter -- but if this is accurate -- WinFS in 2011 -- I expect we'll soon see news about the Office and SharePoint teams planning to deliver an interim solution for off-line storage/sync.

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