Saturday, March 07, 2009

How to Twitter -

Another Twitter snapshot; I confess I still don’t see the appeal…

When I first joined Twitter, I felt like I was in a noisy bar where everyone was shouting and nobody was listening.

Soon, I began to decode its many mysteries: how to find a flock of followers, how to talk to them in a medium that blasts to lots of people at once and how to be witty in very tiny doses.


There are thousands of third-party applications built to enhance the Twitter experience -- these are just a few of the popular ones.

Twitpic: Post a photo on Twitpic, and then share the Twitpic link via Twitter.

Twhirl: Desktop software to help you manage your Twitter account, find your @replies and shorten URLs so they can be shared on Twitter.

Tipjoy: A service that lets you send small amounts of cash across Twitter, and then tweet about your donation.

Twibs: A list of businesses on Twitter with links to their Twitter accounts.

TweetDeck: Desktop software that lets people split their tweets into columns, such as @replies, direct messages, groups and keyword searches.

Twitterholic: Ranks Twitter users by number of followers.

Twitturly: Tracks which URLs are most popular on Twitter, based on how many times they've been shared by Twitter users.

Monitter: An easy way to keep tabs on multiple searches on Twitter at the same time.

How to Twitter -

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