Friday, March 20, 2009

Cisco's consumer electronics dream | Cutting Edge - CNET News

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But Pure is by no means the only major acquisition Cisco has made in the consumer market. In fact, the company so far has pretty much built this part of its business through acquisitions. In 2003, it got its start in the competitive CE market with the $500 million acquisition of the home-networking equipment maker Linksys. Then in 2005, it bought Scientific Atlanta, a quasi-consumer electronics company, for $7 billion. Scientific Atlanta makes set-top boxes that Cisco sells to subscription TV providers.

Since then the company has made a few, smaller consumer electronics purchases. In 2005, it spent $61 million in cash for a small Danish company called Kiss Technologies. Cisco never ended up selling Kiss' online video-on-demand boxes, but it has integrated the technology into some of its new products.

Cisco's consumer electronics dream | Cutting Edge - CNET News

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