Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EMC Tightens Its Embrace of VMware - Bits Blog -

See the full article for details on the EMC/VMware relationship

During the precious few moments not dedicated to talk of virtualization, Mr. Tucci also discussed EMC’s intentions to grow its flash-based storage business. EMC has been aggressively pursuing flash memory systems, which bring higher prices and deliver higher performance than traditional spinning disks.

When EMC first started selling flash systems, the disk drives cost 40 times as much as standard drives while running 30 times faster. About one year later, the price of the flash drives has fallen by 76 percent, Mr. Tucci said.

“They’re still 30 times faster but now it’s only 8 times the cost,” he said. “In the last two quarters, we sold every flash drive we could get our hands on.”

EMC Tightens Its Embrace of VMware - Bits Blog -

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