Sunday, March 08, 2009

All atwitter - The Boston Globe

Another Twitter reality check; see the full article for more details.

For entrepreneurs striving to figure out how to get their companies to profitability, there's a fair bit of skepticism Twitter will ever develop into an independent, sustainable business. "It's more likely that someone like Google or Microsoft will say, 'Let's buy this company and then figure out how to make it something that's valuable for our customer base,' " says Prasad Thammineni, a Twitter user who is also CEO of the Waltham start-up Pixily.

The company has already passed up one such offer, from Facebook. "Our feeling was that it was just too early, even though it was a pretty interesting offer," says Sabet, who was involved in the negotiations. The company still has much of the $55 million it has raised in its bank account, and it still has yet to hire its 30th employee.

All atwitter - The Boston Globe

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