Thursday, January 03, 2008

LG, Netflix to Offer Downloaded Movies on TV -

Very smart Netflix move, imho

In the latest push to bring online video to the living room, DVD-rental service Netflix Inc. and LG Electronics Inc. plan to market an LG-branded device that will allow movies delivered over the Internet by Netflix to be viewed on TV screens.

The partnership between Netflix, Los Gatos, Calif., and South Korea's LG represents another gamble by technology companies that video from the Internet, which is commonly downloaded to personal computers, will go mainstream when users can easily access it from TV sets. So far, Internet television products such as Apple Inc.'s Apple TV have largely been unsuccessful, stymied by a poor selection of videos, complexity of use and other shortcomings.

[The interface that a user of the LG-Netflix box will see on the screen.]

LG, Netflix to Offer Downloaded Movies on TV -

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