Thursday, January 24, 2008

Acid2, Acid3, and the power of default | Perspectives | CNET

A perspective piece from Opera's CTO

Two years ago, the Acid2 test was announced in this column. Acid2 is a complex Web browser test page that shows a smiley face when rendered correctly.

The test, published by the Web Standards Project, has been a tremendous success in weeding out browser bugs that stop Web designers from reaching pixel perfection in their pages. Safari and Opera ship Acid2-compliant versions, and the upcoming Firefox 3 will also pass the test.

Kinda curious that CNet is running a perspective piece from the CTO of a company that's complaining to the EU about Microsoft, especially when the piece includes assertions such as

"Finally, it seems, Microsoft has decided to take Web standards seriously. Designers will no longer have to spend countless hours trying to get their pages to look right in Internet Explorer while adhering to standards. Unfortunately, I think that the celebration is premature."

Acid2, Acid3, and the power of default Perspectives CNET

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