Saturday, January 08, 2005

Wired News: We're Creative Commonists, Bill

Wired News: We're Creative Commonists, Bill: "The comments show just how out-of-touch Gates is with a large and growing community of people who have embraced the ideas of open source and building on one another's creative works, proponents of copyright reform say.
Creative Commons was formed to provide a more balanced alternative to those who want to protect their works, but share them under certain conditions. The group devised a series of flexible copyright licenses available for anyone, for free."

An example of the communist/commonist etc. debate -- hadn't seen this one when I composed the post below.

""And let's not forget just how many creative people's lives were ruined by irresponsible name-calling not too long ago. Remember the Hollywood blacklists?" he wrote."

Give me a break... I'm all for exploring Gene Roddenberry-style market models (e.g., the quasi-utopian macroeconomic models in Star Trek), but Gates made a perfectly reasonable comparison, for those looking at market system model differences and not just searching for melodramatic headline fodder.
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