Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Open-source database gets backing | CNET News.com

Open-source database gets backing | CNET News.com: "With the move, the PostgreSQL open-source database will gain the backing of an established commercial company, something that it has lacked since its development more than 20 years ago.
'This is an important step for PostgreSQL,' said Noel Yuhanna, an analyst at Forrester Research. 'Until now, the database has been leaderless and no one has been pushing it or marketing it.'
Yuhanna said that on a technical level, PostgreSQL compares favorably with commercial databases and has some features, including stored procedures and triggers, that open-source database company MySQL's product currently lacks. PostgreSQL has the same roots as Computer Associates' Ingres database, which came from academia.
PostgreSQL is used to anchor corporate applications and is popular with developers, but its usage isn't widely publicized, said Lance Obermeyer, director of products at Pervasive."

Not the first commercial offering -- see Progress/NuSphere UltraSQL, for example, as well as support and services from PostgreSQL, Inc. Great to see PostgreSQL get some recognition, in any case.
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