Thursday, January 06, 2005

CES 2005: Gates Promotes "Digital Entertainment Anywhere" Successes and New Initiatives

CES 2005: Gates Promotes "Digital Entertainment Anywhere" Successes and New Initiatives: "In the unexpected category, Gates revealed that Microsoft is working with TiVo on its TiVoToGo service, which will let Windows users access TiVo recorded TV shows on Windows-based PCs and notebooks. 'We want to make sure that Windows XP and Media Center users can easily access TiVo content and then copy it to Windows Mobile devices [including Pocket PCs and Smartphones and Portable Media Centers],' the representative told me. Here's how it works: The TiVoToGo Desktop software will act as an intermediary between the TiVo device and your Windows PC. Once you've logged on veryify your TiVo membership, the content can be freely moved from Windows Media Player 10 to portable devices or other PCs. When I expressed surprise that Microsoft was partnering with a company that was essentially a competitor, I was told that the company was 'building bridges with companies like TiVo. We're serious about 'Digital Entertainment Anywhere,'' the Microsoft representative noted. '[Your digital media content] should work no matter where you get it.'
MSN previewed a new service called MSN Video Download. While details are scarce--I wasn't able to find out pricing at press time--the service will let subscribers access video content, including news and sports, from Microsoft's many partners. Then, you can watch that content on a PC, Media Center PC, Media Center Extender, or copy it to a portable device, such as a Windows Powered Pocket PC or Smartphone, a Portable Media Center, or other similar PlaysForSure-compatible device. Speaking of partners, Microsoft will also announce many new services partners for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005's Onlight Spotlight, including Discovery Channel, Fox Sports, TitanTV, XM Satellite Radio, and Yahoo! Inc."

Meanwhile, HP introduces a bunch of Linux devices for the living room -- see HP Unveils Next Phase of its Digital Entertainment Strategy, a press release in which the words "Microsoft" and "Windows" are not to be found (also see the Carly quote about Linux here). I wonder how many HP-branded iPods have sold so far...
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