Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Uber’s revolution will drive on - Opinion - The Boston Globe

From an Uber/big-picture privacy reality check (incidentally, you don't need an Android phone to see your location history at google.com/locationhistory, referenced elsewhere in the article; running Google apps on your smartphone will facilitate Google location tracking)
"All of which is to underscore a point most of us at least dimly know: Information about us is constantly being collected. Data from cellphones track our movements. Cameras on the streets see what we’re doing. When we purchase something with a credit card, there’s a record tied of what we bought. Cable companies know the movies we’re watching; e-book companies know what we’re reading; websites track the stories we view.

In this context, the data from ridesharing apps such as Uber’s God View are inconsequential. Indeed, even the anonymity of a traditional taxicab is disappearing. When you pay for your taxi with a credit card, your trip is recorded somewhere. And new apps such as Flywheel are seeking to help the taxicab industry by making it even more like Uber, Lyft, and their kin."
Uber’s revolution will drive on - Opinion - The Boston Globe

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