Monday, November 17, 2014

Evernote Chief Sees Change as Challenge - WSJ

Excerpt from a wide-ranging Phil Libin interview

"WSJ: What kind of challenges do wearable devices, like Apple’s planned smartwatch, present for Evernote?

Mr. Libin: This will probably be our fourth watch version of Evernote, but it’s the first one where we’re making it for hundreds of millions of people. Evernote is a service that you will use in your car, on your refrigerator, on your watch, on your smart glasses, on your phone and on your TV, kind of all at once. That’s a really different way of designing things that no one really knows how to do yet. We don’t really know how it do it yet but we’re trying to figure it out pretty quickly."
Evernote Chief Sees Change as Challenge - WSJ

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