Sunday, November 23, 2014

Automation Makes Us Dumb - WSJ

Final paragraphs of a Nicholas Carr pessimistic perspective piece; perhaps timely to revisit Shoshana Zuboff's "informating" concept

"We are amazed by our computers, and we should be. But we shouldn’t let our enthusiasm lead us to underestimate our own talents. Even the smartest software lacks the common sense, ingenuity and verve of the skilled professional. In cockpits, offices or examination rooms, human experts remain indispensable. Their insight, ingenuity and intuition, honed through hard work and seasoned real-world judgment, can’t be replicated by algorithms or robots.

If we let our own skills fade by relying too much on automation, we are going to render ourselves less capable, less resilient and more subservient to our machines. We will create a world more fit for robots than for us."
Automation Makes Us Dumb - WSJ

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