Saturday, November 15, 2014

Microsoft Surpasses Exxon as 2nd Most Valuable Co. (The Associated Press)

In other tech stock news, Apple is now worth more than Russia’s entire stock market (Cult of Mac)

"The bull run in Microsoft's stock this past year has helped the tech giant surpass Exxon Mobil and seize the rank of the second most valuable company, behind Apple Inc.

Under new CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has worked to overcome its reputation as a clumsy behemoth struggling to keep up with new tech trends and consumer habits. Nadella has cut expenses - and jobs - while pledging to refocus the company on mobile technology and cloud computing. His efforts have fueled a stock surge that drove Microsoft's total market value above $410 billion on Friday. That leapfrogged Exxon's value of $404 billion, which has been dinged by the drop in oil prices."
News from The Associated Press

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