Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fitbit Data Now Being Used In The Courtroom [Forbes]

One of many scenarios explaining why your employer and/or insurance providers will likely offer to compensate you for using a wearable device and sharing the data it collects with them

"Personal injury cases are prime targets for manipulation and conjecture. How do you show that someone who’s been in a car accident can’t do their job properly, and deserves thousands of dollars in compensation? Till now lawyers have relied on doctors to observe someone for half an hour or so and give their, sometimes-biased opinion. Soon, they might also tap the wealth of quantifiable data provided by fitness trackers. A law firm in Calgary is working on the first known personal injury case that will use activity data from a Fitbit to help show the effects of an accident on their client."
Fitbit Data Now Being Used In The Courtroom

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