Monday, November 10, 2014

Microsoft's Nadella Talks About the Future of Office -

Not clear Apple and Google would agree with this categorization scheme

"“To me Apple’s very, very clear, and, in fact, I think Tim Cook did a great job of even describing that very recently where he said they sell devices,” Mr. Nadella said last week, sitting in an armchair. “That’s what Apple is all about.

“And Google is about being — you know, it’s about data or it’s about advertising, it is about serving you ads in a tasteful way, and they’ve done a great job of that business,” he continued.

Microsoft’s identity, in contrast, is about making products that empower others in their work and personal lives, he said. “From the creator of a document to a developer writing an app, to anyone else” who is in the business of actually producing their own creation, he said, “we want to be the tools provider, the platform provider. That’s the core identity.”"
Microsoft's Nadella Talks About the Future of Office -

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