Friday, November 21, 2014

Amazon Echo review: A perfect 10 | ZDNet

Excerpt from the conclusion of a detailed review

"It’s a reasonably good audio system at its base level, and the interaction with Alexa adds a lot of value. It is very useful when you need information to just ask Alexa to get it. After only a few hours of using the Echo you will likely find, as I did, that you are already coming to rely on Alexa.

After just a day with the Echo, it’s already become a routine for me to walk in the front door and tell Alexa to play some genre of music or artist. That’s impressive, as my front door is over thirty feet from the Echo. I already do it without thinking about it, which shows the beauty of the Amazon Echo. It becomes part of the environment."
Amazon Echo review: A perfect 10 | ZDNet

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