Sunday, April 03, 2011

Dr Dobbs | NoSQL Speed Bumps

Concluding paragraphs of a timely NoSQL reality check

There's a certain irony in the critics' claim that SQL platforms are not scalable. Operating on a 132 GB database is not beyond the capability of popular open source and commercial SQL DBMS products.

As the NoSQL and cloud computing trends converge, it will be interesting to see what database technology emerges as the clear winner for developing the next generation of applications. Economics is one issue that's forcing a move to the cloud. This could produce a scenario where organizations are deploying more applications to fit within the scope of a multi-tenant architecture. Multi-tenancy can produce database design constraints that are not congruent with the feature set of current NoSQL implementations (authentication, authorization, load balancing, sharding, and schema separation).

Dr Dobbs | NoSQL Speed Bumps

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