Wednesday, September 01, 2010

VMware positions Java for the cloud - Computerworld

Hmm – how is VMware’s relationship with Oracle (the “axis of evil” against open source, according to Adobe) these days, e.g., in terms of Java licensing?…  And how does the VMware Cloud Application Platform fit relative to the Java cloud platform offerings VMware previously announced in (separate) partnerships with Google and

EMC VMware on Tuesday is introducing its cloud computing platform for Java development, which relies on technologies from the company's SpringSource division.

The VMware Cloud Application Platform leverages the popular Spring Framework for Java development and the newly branded vFabric product set, which features pre-existing SpringSource products offering capabilities such as data management, messaging, and dynamic load balancing. The 2.5 million users of Spring will be eyed as initial users of the platform.

VMware positions Java for the cloud - Computerworld

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