Wednesday, September 01, 2010 / Media - Sony renews fight for e-reader territory

File under “Future collectors’ item”

Analysts estimate that Amazon has sold more than 60 per cent of the roughly 10m e-readers in the US today. Sony is estimated to have sold about 1.5m Readers, with Barnes & Noble close behind.

However, James McQuivey, a media analyst at Forrester Research, said Sony would fall to third place by next year because it did not have a strong relationship with book buyers.

“Amazon is proving that the reading relationship with the customer is really the long-term success point,” said Mr McQuivey. “Sony doesn’t have that and they never will no matter how much they invest.”

Sony had the jump on the competition. It unveiled the original Reader in early 2006, nearly two years before Amazon introduced the Kindle. / Media - Sony renews fight for e-reader territory

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