Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Facebook | A New Chapter in Reading with Friends

Interesting to see what my Facebook friends are “readcasting”

Starting today, when you visit Scribd while logged into Facebook, you will see personalized reading recommendations based on what your friends are sharing and on your Facebook likes and interests. And when you find something that you enjoy, with a simple click of the Like button, you can quickly and easily share it with your friends. Through instant personalization, Scribd will use the public information you share with your friends on Facebook to personalize your reading experience. You can learn more about the instant personalization program here.

People share more than 55,000 items on Scribd every day, including teachers disseminating class materials, authors publishing books, friends exchanging recipes and hobbyists discovering antique manuals. Now you and your friends can take your Facebook experience to Scribd to read and share documents together.

Facebook | A New Chapter in Reading with Friends

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