Saturday, September 18, 2010

I’m dropping my subscription

I have been a subscriber since 1996, when, IIRC, the site was introduced in conjunction with an Internet Explorer promotion.  The annual subscription price has gone up over the years, and the main subscription service has been implicitly downgraded with the introduction of a “Pro” subscription (for a mere $25/month more), but the main reason I’m dropping my subscription is the publication’s increasingly blatant political polarization.  A couple examples from this morning’s main page:

Front and center, on the main page this morning:


Hey, that’s a subtle juxtaposition mind trick…

And here’s a snapshot of the currently most-popular stories:


Perhaps it would be timely to rename the publication, e.g., to “The Tea Party Times,” or “Karl Rove’s Daily Diatribe”.

In any case, in part because I can still keep up with the often-excellent tech news at no cost, I’ll save my $197 annual subscription fee – and maybe donate it to an organization focused on constructively addressing and exposing the sort of politically polarizing propaganda has become.

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