Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BlackBerry Maker Announces Tablet for 2011 [Windows IT Pro]

An excerpt from Paul Thurrott’s take on the RIM tablet:

While the need for a simplistic tablet device in business is unclear, RIM's understanding of the security and management needs of business could win some converts. RIM sees the PlayBook as negating the need for a laptop, especially for business travelers who need constant access to their email and scheduling data. By tying the tablet to its popular smartphones, it hopes to open up a new market for businesses just as Apple did with the iPad for consumers.

Actually, “simplistic” tablet devices (i.e., iPads) are proving to be rather popular in business, and, if you’re primarily interested in enterprise IT-friendly tablets, there will be a wide variety of Windows 7-based tablets and slates available next year, along with the RIM Playbook. 

I’m filing the Playbook under “Future Collectors’ Item”…

BlackBerry Maker Announces Tablet for 2011

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